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29.04.2009 12:07

This project is to be delivered by Monday 4th of May.

You can send it to me in a mail attachment (ELTomTeacher@seznam.cz), you can post it on the Nicenet (the text formatting will be a bit difficult I think, but I'll open the topic anyway, just in case) or you can give me a paper in our lesson.


It should consist of three parts:


1    phone call transcript

A dialogue between a manager and a job applicant enquiring about the job. This is your reaction on the advert you got in lesson. In the dialogue you should follow clues from your textbooks on page 73. The only difference is that the manager should require your letter of application and CV and NOT the APPLICATION FORM.


2    letter of application 

write a letter of the same structure (and mostly the same content) as the letter in your book p.76. Please follow the formal structure of the text carefully.


3.     CV

A CV of the same structure as in your book p. 76 again.


Good luck.



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