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VI. A Letter to a Magazine

20.10.2009 09:37

A Letter to a Magazine

You have been asked to write a letter to 'Out and About' magazine about a sport or activity you enjoy. Choose a sport or activity that you want to write about and use the following notes to help you. You may want to include some photographs.

  1. Open the letter, saying what you are writing, and whether you are including any pictures.
  2. Make notes about the sport/ hobby you want to write about, think about:
    1. the background - when, where, who, why is it popular
    2. your reasons why to like it
    3. where you can get information about it
  3. Decide what you are going to put in each paragraph
  4. Finish your letter with a short sentence. Encourage the reader to try and find out more about the sport or to take it up.

Look at the sample letter in the book as an example.


The extent of the text should be 140-170 words.


The deadline is on 26th October



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